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In cooperation with the Directorate of Drug Control and Nebras Program in Najran, the student activities unit of the college holds an awareness lecture on combating drugs and treatment methods

 Under the patronage of his excellecy the Dean of the Faculty, Dr.Saeed Bin Al-Sareii and with cooperation of the Directorate of Narcotics Control and Nebras Program in Najran, Faculty of Dentistry organized a lecture on the fight against drugs and methods of treatment provided by the lecturer. Saeed bin Ali Al Wadai Assistant Director of Preventive Awareness in Drug Control in Najran Region the activity was attended by  Dr. Ali bin Abdullah Al-Shehri Vice Dean of quality and development and Dr. Hussien Al-Attas Vice Dean.

     Dr. Al-Attas said that the College initiated a valuable lecture on the fight against drugs and its treatment methods to raise awareness among college students and the university about the dangers of this serious scourge. He called on the university students to be ambassadors of good and love by spreading information about the dangers of addiction and the terrible effects of drugs on the physical and psychological health of the abuser.
     "Any experiment, even if it is simple, may lead to destruction and destruction for the person and his family. Curiosity may prompt the person to sell the same and his property, and he may sell all his possessions for a lethal poison dose," said lecturer Saeed bin Ali al-Wadai. He referred to the addiction treatment center, which provides free treatment for users and confidentiality.
Calling on students to arm awareness and knowledge of the scourge of drugs and ways to treat them to be the dam immune against all attempts to tamper with the health, security and stability of society.
In conclusion, HE Dr. Hussein bin Abdulrahman Al Attas honored the lecturer Saeed bin Ali Al Wadai, thank you for accepting the invitation and his efforts to make the event a success.