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The Faculty of Dentistry conducts an educational awareness campaign targeting the Khalef Quran Memorization School in Najran

On Tuesday, 23 Rajab 1438H, the Faculty of Dentistry held an educational awareness campaign for oral and dental health targeting Khalef School for memorizing the Quran in Najran,  conducted by the dental team of the Faculty of Dentistry who visited the school in Al-Fahd neighborhood Najran . The visit was aimed at raising the awareness of students about the importance of oral and dental health and ways to preserve it and to build a conscious society of oral and dental health and ways to prevent decay, Which will have a positive impact on society.
The awareness program included a presentation of the campaign and then an instructional video explaining the importance and methods of cleaning the mouth and teeth with its various means. It explained the importance of eating healthy balanced food, the importance of the regular visit to the dentist every six months, and the tips that students should follow to get healthy teeth and smile The beauty and importance of dental cleaning, where students were introduced to the proper method of tooth brushing, the importance of using fluoride-containing paste.
After the awareness program was completed, gifts were distributed to the students in campaign bags containing brochures, a toothbrush and toothpaste