College program - College of Dentistry

Brief about the Program

Najran University awards bachelor degree in dental surgery, the duration of the study is six years , including a preparatory Year , and followed by five years of study in the specialty , followed by a year Internship .

The program of study at the Faculty of Dentistry is practical and clinical which requires the student to meet laboratory course (before the clinical ones) so that student can move to the clinical stage  which in turn qualifies him  to the final year ( comprehensive course ).

Accordingly, the first and second year are the requirements to qualify the student to the clinical stage    (levels 7-8-9-10 ) where he gets clinical training departments in each section separately and completing  these clinical courses moving to the level 11-12, where students are trained  primarily on the comprehensive treatment of the patient without the obligation to allocate a certain and have it end the number of cases specified by departments and is assessed at the end of courses.
The  program includes added courses offered by colleges of Medicine and College of Applied Medical Sciences , as well as the university 's requirements.

Study system in this program is a twelve study-level followed by a year of clinical  training (internship).

Teaching  methods and assessment:

All courses in Faculty of Dentistry, University of Najran being  taught in English and teaching depends on the latest teaching methods, using the multiple and various media for the delivery of information, relying on the latest technologies in the field of audio-visual aids. The college also has a patient simulators as well as various clinics, which allows students adequate training during the period of their  preparation. The student also has role in the educational process through the use of the World Wide Web and the content of the information gain  him skills of self-learning and training  through quality system of comprehensive and permanent assessment.