Measurement and Evaluation Commitee

 The functions of the Committee shall be as follows:
1. The committee is considered one of the committees of the development and quality unit in the Faculty of Dentistry.
2. Participating in the development of measurement and evaluation policies and objectives related to the quality of performance at the university level.
3. Formulation of the performance and achievement record of the Committee.
4. Participating in the construction and design of questionnaires and opinion polls related to measuring the performance indicators of the college programs.
5. Participating in the assessment of students of the educational process and decisions and faculty members in the college.
6. Following up the evaluation process in the quality units of the faculty.
7. The relationship between the committee of the performance measurement unit and the Deanship of Development and Quality should be an integrated, participatory and effective relationship that begins with its work through harmony and harmony.
8. Holding workshops for faculty members in the field of preparing self-assessment tools, preparing reports and statistical interpretations of digital implications, and dealing with raw data, methods and tools for collecting data.
9.  Measurement and Evaluation Committee in the college is the link between the College and the Performance Measurement Unit in the Deanship of Development and Quality to monitor the performance indicators and the strategic plan of the University through the regular methods followed.
10. Participating actively in providing creative and pioneering ideas to raise the level of performance of the college and university and achieve its mission and objectives.
11. Holding regular meetings with the Performance Measurement Unit in the Deanship of Development and Quality.