Vice Deanship for Quality and Development - College of Dentistry

Vice-Deanship of Quality and Development

The Vice-Deanship  of  Development  Quality seeks to achieve the mission of the College, which is "preparing and qualifying staff with high efficiency in various fields of dentistry capable of competing in the fields of work, providing excellent medical service to the community and contributing effectively to scientific research related to dentistry" Vision and mission of the University to achieve the ambitious goals of the College and the University, which are focused on the development of the level of the student scientifically and professionally, in addition to community and research partnerships through a strategic plan of different stages in accordance with the priorities adopted by the University and in line with the process of giving in the For this lofty homeland to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

The Vice-Deanship  of  Development and Quality has a strong perspective that the student, and the outputs of education are the main pillars through which we can achieve the objectives of the college and university to be strong competitors to participate in building this country and achieve a healthy environment, community culture and research partnerships in the health of mouth and teeth with a shiny and shiny imprint .


Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Shehri 

Vice Dean for Development and Quality