About College - College of Dentistry

Brief about the College

The Faculty of Dentistry at Najran University is one of the faculties of the university in its unique academic system. The College was established in 10/10/1438AH after the issuance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, The College of Dentistry in the Kingdom, has joined with its counterparts in the Kingdom to become one of the branches of the specialty of dentistry and one of the distinctive monuments in the teaching of this important vital specialty.

The University managment believes in the importance of this specialization and the scarcity of qualified Saudi Graduates.. The University was keen to speed up the work of the faculty in order to coincide with the opening of the university, which is contrary to what is customary in many universities. The university here gave the priorities in providing the college with teaching staff, doctors, technicians and assistants, as well as basic equipment such as dental instruments and materials, as well as specialized clinics, installation laboratories and training laboratories.

The study started in 1429H, where the first batch of 17 students was received. The college is the first nucleus of the college. Since the college adopts the annual admission system, the annual payments were then increased to reach the total number of students 105 students. The first batch was graduated in the academic year 1435/1434 AH . In order to promote excellence and improve the quality of performance, the College has endeavored to apply the latest medical education systems to the Oral and Dental Medicine Department using the latest scientific methods in teaching and the use of advanced scientific curricula as well as rigorous scientific research for the graduation of dentists with high technical skills.