History and Beginning

The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Najran established according to the Royal command on 10/10/1427 AH. accepted the first batch of students for the academic year 1429-1430 AH.

The study began in the University old buildings which located in "Al-Oraysah" in Najran, and in the academic year 1431-1432HA, it has been transferred to the temporary campus in "Al-Sawadi" and the college got it's own labs and clinics.

In this period was the opening of the college labs, which includes industrial dolls labs (the Phantom), and dental anatomy lab, Prosthodontics lab and the Industrial dental fixtures production labs.

Dental clinics complex also opened, which began in the reception of patients and serve the area community and training the students under the close supervision of faculty members. Clinics complex of Faculty of Dentistry, which was comprised of "38" units teeth also contributed clearly in the level of provision of health services in the field of dentistry, where he became a reference for many consulting from government hospitals and private centers.

In the current academic year 1435-1436HA, the faculty of dentistry was moved to the Permanent College building in the University city, where it was in a very large expansion of the quantitative and qualitative sides, where the number of clinics has become larger and in better specifications, the thing that reflects the remarkable evolution in college march during this short period.