In terms of constructive and purposeful communication in the Faculty of Dentistry, university of Najran, constructed a special unit to follow graduates to achieve the university mission to be in connection with alumni in various majorswhich is a mirror that reflects the quality of their output, and concerning the student  the focus of the  educational process .The graduates follow up unit will serve as a liaison between the graduate students on the one hand, and local and regional healthinstitutionson the other hand


Head of the Unit

Dr. Ahmed  Al-Shabab

- Fellowship of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in Periodontics. 2016-Canada.

- Master Degree in Oral Biology. 2016 University of Pennsylvania, USA.

- Certificate in Periodontics. University of Pennsylvania,2016 USA.

-Bachelor Degree in Dental Surgery. 2011 King Khalid University-KSA.