Unit of Scientific Research and Society Service - College of Dentistry

وحدة البحث العلمي وخدمة المجتمع

The Scientific Research and Community Service Unit in the Faculty of Dentistry was formed by an administrative decision from the Dean of the faculty and is under the administrative supervision of the Deputy Faculty for Development and Quality.

It designs policy documents for scientific research in the College and develops an integrated plan to develop scientific research in the light of the University's research plan in a way that ensures the optimal use of modern technologies.

As well as to prepare plans to serve the community in the field of dentistry and supervise their implementation.

Unit Goals:

1- To encourage faculty and students in research and scientific dissemination.

2- Encourage faculty and students in community service.

3- Hold seminars and workshops to raise the level of scientific research in the College.

4- Coordinate with the Dean of Scientific Research at the University and inform all faculty members of all developments related to scientific research.

5- Work to establish a research laboratory in the College and supply it with the necessary equipment and materials.

6- Establish channels of communication with relevant authorities in the Najran region and outside the region to collaborate in research.