Vice Dean for development and quality - College of Dentistry

Vice Dean for Development and Quality



The Faculty of Dentistry Development and Quality Department is concerned with the application of the quality program and the dissemination of its culture in the faculty and the continuous development for the best in all committees and units of the faculty. This is applied through performance reporting and measurement to identify and correct deficiencies.

The improvement process includes the educational process, community service, and scientific research provided by the College represented by the scientific departments and clinics, administration, and all units and committees. Setting the goal of this improvement is to serve the students through education and academic research in the college and activate the activities offered to the community.

The Department is also interested in the College's strategic plan, monitoring the implementation of operational plans, and setting the level of achievement of objectives through clear benchmarks, whose impact is reflected in the administrative and educational climate and elevating the College's dental program to higher levels to keep pace with local and international

About the Department

Development and Quality department is concerned with the supervision of development and improvement processes, achieving academic accreditation standards in the educational process in academic departments, controlling the quality of administrative work in the College, working to develop performance improvement in all aspects and spreading a culture of quality..


Dr. Ahmad Alelyani