Tasks of Development and Quality Unit

Tasks of the General Supervisor of the Quality Unit:
  Review the periodic reports of the completion of the committees and the extent to which they achieved the development plan.
 Approving policies, programs and action plans.
 Meeting periodically with the supervisor and the quality team at the college.
 Submit the completion reports to the university's agency for development and quality.
 Tasks of Deputy General Supervisor of Quality Unit:
 Technical and administrative supervision of the supervisor of the unit and heads of committees and axes.
 The weekly meeting with the heads and members of the executive committees as well as the officials of the axes to find out the obstacles facing the work of the committees.
 Review the periodic reports of the completion of committees and axes and the extent to which they achieve development plans.
 Submit the completion reports to the Dean of the College and the General Supervisor of the Unit.
Quality Unit Supervisor Functions:
 Technical and administrative supervision of the chairmen of the committees.
 Attend the sessions of the College Council when presenting the activities of the Quality Assurance Unit and its achievements.
 Participation in seminars, conferences, workshops and training courses.
 Other terms of reference delegated by the general supervisor or deputy
  Proposing the formation of the organizational and administrative structure of the unit and selecting faculty members in the faculty.
 Invitation to periodic and emergency meetings of the Council of Unity.
  The authority to conduct executive work, including contacting the scientific and administrative departments of the faculty.
Terms of reference of Deputy Supervisor Development and Quality Unit:
Supervising the progress of work within the executive committees of the unit.
 Supervising the development of the vision, mission and objectives of the unit and reviewing it periodically.
 To report periodically to the supervisor of the Development and Quality Unit at the College about the progress of the unit.
 Completing the tasks assigned by the unit supervisor.
 Strategic Planning Committee.
 Quality Team Tasks:
Selection of the Chairman of the Committees of the Executive Team of the Unit.
Review the annual plans of the unit committees.
Develop the annual plan of the unit.
Follow up the implementation of the committees for their tasks according to the plan.
Provide technical support to the executive committees.
Overcoming the obstacles facing the executive committees.
Approving the internal work system of the unit and determining the policies adopted to achieve its objectives
Call for a periodic meeting and register and submit it to the Unit Supervisor.
Selection of the members of the committee based on criteria to be approved by the Council of Unity.
Develop the annual plan to carry out the tasks of the committee with the participation of members.
Distribute tasks to Committee members.