Internal Regulations of the Development and Quality Unit

Internal Regulations of the Development and Quality Unit (DownLoad)

Dean's Message (General Supervisor of Development and Quality Unit) 

As a result of our principles as Muslims by believing in the importance of mastery and improvement of work, especially in terms of life and other aspects of health and the challenges faced by the College of Dentistry in Najran as other institutions of education is a major challenges in particular the compatibility of the absorptive capacity of the scientific departments with the increase in demand to improve the quality of the graduates and try to raise the scientific competencies and professional potential to reach the international standards of quality, as well as develop the skills and abilities of the future dentists according to the specialties available at the College with emphasis on the active contribution to the process of development and innovation In order to keep abreast of the global development and quality of service of the educational process. The focus on the graduation of qualified staff and trainers and able to employ the objectives of the educational process and medical foundations through a set of strategies that can be subject to the standards of quality and comprehensive and seek to master the teaching and learning skills of the future dentists through the practice of self-learning and provide mechanisms to ensure the continuous modification and renewal of the requirements The educational process through the preparation of the doctor of the future was clear in the objectives of the unit, to be done in response to the changes of the age and keep pace with contemporary global trends in the educational framework in general, the college members ,Teaching staff  and technicians are determined to face these challenges by carrying out the comprehensive development of the college education system and institutional performance. The first of these confrontations came with the establishment of the Quality Assurance Unit at the College. We ask Allaah to pay back in saying and doing, and may Allah bless and bless our master and prophet Muhammad and his machine and companions